Thinking about your communication, brand and logo? It is colors you should be really careful about.

There are a lot of doubters in the world of marketing about the roles that colors play in buying decisions.

So let’s dive right into the analysis with a question – Starbucks? Youtube? DHL?

Here’s why there’s such swirling controversy surrounding color marketing. Some of it is entirely subjective. For two reasons. 1) If, from the moment you are born, you’re taught that the sky is green and grass is blue, then that is your reality. Perception = reality. 2) If, when you were growing up, you picked a favorite color and have stuck with that color, then chances are that color will hold confidence and security to you – regardless of what the color is. Simply put, your upbringing and experiences impact the emotions you associate with different colors.

So let’s get a little more into the objective scenarios.

A study was done called Impact of Color in Marketing. This study revealed that up to 90% of quick decisions about products are made based on the color alone. A number of studies expanded upon this, and here are some of the generally accepted color emotion associations.

Green – growth (financial or physical) and health. Look at some of the big companies using green as a main logo – Monster, Starbucks, Standard Chartered, Tropicana, Spotify, bp.

Purple – imagination and wisdom. Some of the companies using this color have or have been: Yahoo, Taco Bell, Barbie.

Blue – trust, confidence and dependability. Companies: Lowe’s, hp, Oreo, Facebook, Vimeo, WordPress, Ford, Dell.

Red – excitement, urgency and boldness. Companies: Target, Canon, Lego, Pinterest, Coca Cola, CNN, Nabisco, YouTube.

Orange – cheerfulness and relationship-building. Companies: Gulf, Hooters, Nickelodeon and Firefox.

Yellow – yellow conveys optimism and forward-thinking. Companies: Best Buy, Ikea, UPS, Nikon, McDonalds.

Black – Authority and power. Visa, Adidas, MTV.

White – Purity and innocence. Google, Yelp.



Ever since some of the big Google updates, you’ve heard this: content is king. While the same could be said when it comes to color from a branding perspective, I’d argue this: if content is king, then CONTEXT is the entire kingdom.

When thinking about your branding, don’t think about the demographic you’re trying to target – think of the message you’re conveying about your company, your proposition.

Go have fun. And as Skittles would say: “Taste the rainbow”.

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